Steve Bruner to appear on CMS Panel Discussion


Steve Bruner, Founder and Partner at SlipFire will be appearing on a panel to discuss Content Management Systems (CMS).  SlipFire is an online business solution firm specializing in helping businesses use the web productively through proper website design, website analytics, online advertising and social networking.

The panel is hosted by Ultra Light Startups, a group of entrepreneurs who explore the perpetually evolving factors involved in the cost of launching a tech venture, reaching profitability and multi-million dollar valuations in a very short period of time with minimal capital investment.   This event will focus on the main differences between the three major CMS platforms; WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, with Mr. Bruner representing WordPress.  Steve is an expert in WordPress, and runs the WordPress Meetup in New York City.

This event will be held at Gigapixel Creative on December 4 at 7pm.

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