SlipFire releases new WordPress Theme based on BluePrint CSS


SlipFire Website Design has released a new WordPress Theme based on the BluePrint CSS framework. The SF-BluePrint-WP theme uses BluePrint’s latest 0.7 code to create an easy to use, fully XHTML compliant WordPress theme.

“When we first came across BluePrint CSS, we knew it would change the way we design websites”, says the SlipFire team, “BluePrint has allowed us to create websites faster than before. It really cut down on our CSS design time.”

SlipFire is commited to designing websites that beautiful and easy to use, and are always XHTML & W3C CSS compliant. Additionally, most of their website design is also “Bobby Approved” for accessibility. Being Bobby Approved means that people with disabilities can use tools like screen readers to access websites.

Features: An easily customizable grid, Sensible typography, Relative font-sizes everywhere, A typographic baseline, Perfected CSS reset, No bloat of any kind, Cross-browser compatible, WordPress 2.3.2 compatible, Widget ready.

For more information:

SlipFire’s BluePrint WP Theme

Live Demo of Theme

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Bobby Approved Website Design

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