WebSite Design

Smart and Beautiful Websites

Sure, SlipFire designs some of the best looking websites on the internet, but there’s more to our websites than just good looks. These sites we create and maintain are always compliant with the latest standards so search engines like Google and Yahoo index them fast. We enable you to keep in touch with your customers by collecting their email addresses, and they’ll find you easily with your personalized Google Map. Subscribing to your blog is simple and easy, and subscribing to your event calendar is even easier. SlipFire websites are more than just a pretty face; they’re a serious business tool.

Your business changes, so should your website.

From simple adjustments like a business address or phone number, to more complicated tasks like adding an article or writing an email to your customers, SlipFire websites are designed for you to manage them easily. Your website interface will look like a word processor, so if you can use Microsoft Word than you can make changes on your website– fast… easy… immediately.

Keep in touch with your customers, and get some new ones.

SlipFire websites are designed so that your current customers stay in touch with you, and your new customers find you easily. Existing customers can join your email list or subscribe to your newsletter via iGoogle, My Yahoo or any RSS reader. Your event schedule will show up in their calendar and a personalized Google Map will navigate them to your location. When new customers search for you or what you do your site will be listed on Google and Yahoo.

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