Our own Steve Bruner will be on the Ultra Light Startups panel on December 2, speaking about how to get from a concept to a website and of course, pimping WordPress.  Other panelists are:

  • Paul Berry, CTO of HuffingtonPost
  • Gil Beyda, Founder and Managing Partner of Genacast Ventures
  • Vinicius Vacanti, Co-Founder of Yipit.com

From the Ultra Light Startups website:

You have a great idea for a startup business.  It’s a concept nobody has thought of before and you’re sure it will change the world – and make millions in profit.  The problem is, you’ve never built a website before.  So how do you implement your idea?  Come to this event and find out – hear from startup experts who have done all it before..

Topics include:

  • An outline of the common technology platforms used to build websites.  How to determine which one is right for your project.
  • Hiring a freelancer or a software development agency
  • Recruiting a technical co-founder
  • Building it yourself
  • An outline of the essential product and project management skills necessary to be successful
  • And much more…

You can watch the panel here.  The good stuff starts about 18 minutes in: